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Kampala- Uganda

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Sustainability Practices

Salva Courts Hotel is taking step towards sustainability efforts to help customers understand how we’re contributing towards conserving water, electricity and supporting the community we operate. The following are some of the sustainability initiatives we are implementing at our property.

Practices to reduce waste

  • Water cooler/dispenser
  •  Recycling bins are available to guests and waste is recycled
  • Food waste policy in place that includes education, food waste prevention, reduction, recycling,
    and disposal
Hotel has implemented the following practices to reduce water use
  • Guests have the option to reuse towels
  • Guests can opt out of daily cleaning service
  • Only using water-efficient toilets (e.g. low-flow toilets, dual flush toilets)
  • Only using instant water showers
Have implemented these practices to save energy or reduce greenhouse gasses
  • Bicycle rental – Paid
  • At least 80% of food is sourced from your region
  • Lighting uses energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Renewable electricity used for heating shower water at the property
Hotel has implemented any of these practices to support the local community
  • A percentage of revenue is invested back into community or sustainability projects
  • Tours and activities organized by local guides and businesses (we work with Responsible
  • Tourism Company for local experiences in Uganda
  • Local artists are offered a platform to display their talents
  • Provide guests with info about local ecosystems, history, culture, and visitor etiquette

We have implemented some of these the following practices to reduce the impact on the environment

  • Wild (non-domesticated) animals aren’t displayed or interacted with while kept at the property, nor are they harvested, consumed, or sold.
  • Green spaces like (rooftop) gardens at the property
  • At least 80% of provided food is organic
Single-use Plastic Elimination
Working with the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA) our future target is to
remove single-use plastics from our property; plastic miniature shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
bottles, plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic water bottles, plastic cutlery and tableware, plastic stirrers